• "I can't guarantee you’ll be a millionaire in your first month. But I KNOW I can make you a better trader and investor with high-probability e-mini day trading and scalping strategies."
    - David Adams, owner of Unique Thinking Trading Solutions

Real-Time Data, Not Lagging Indicators!

We trade with a state of the art order flow system and fantastic tape reading monitor…get out of the lagging indicator rut and utilize the latest e-mini trading technology.

Better yet, I meet with you once (or more) times a week one on one, as needed, for as long as you need to master our e-mini trading system. You won’t be left hanging out by yourself and there is never a charge for our e-mini trading room to active members of Unique Thinking E-mini Trading System.
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Trading Program Features:

  • Lifetime private, 1×1 one hour e-mini trading sessions.
  • Unlimited free months in the room, intentionally kept around 20 students.
  • Microphones are on in the trading room, so you can ask questions “on the fly”.
  • I trade with the DOM up, and you see my exact trade as I take it.
  • This program is well under half the price of similar programs.
  • You decide what e-mini trades to take based up where you are at in your training, and at your comfort level.

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